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With Stormy Daniels!

Well looky who blew into town! Stormy Daniels came on over to our studio to answer callers’ questions about blow jobs, toxic men, protecting the male ego and other hazards. Stormy and Dan got on like a house on fire, and you must listen to it. A couple questions are on the Micro version and … Read More »

How to flirt and not be a dick. With Vonny Leclerc.

A woman’s 13 year-old brother wants to shave his crotch. And now mom is FREAKING OUT and the whole family is in disarray over the pubes she found in the sink! A straight couple gets recognized in a bar from an online profile they placed together a long time ago. The woman in the couple … Read More »

Nathaniel Frank on gay marriage.

A straight male weight-lifter likes to shave his chest and pits. His friends are giving him grief about it. How can this sensitive strongman get over the peer pressure and revel in his smooth, smooth body? A gay man’s foster son has had a rough life. And now he realizes they are both on Grindr. … Read More »

Smashing the Herpes Stigma with Ella Dawson.

A man is dating a woman who stopped putting on make-up and fixing her hair. If he asked her to start gussying herself up again, would that make him, like…you know…an asshole? A woman asks a question that sends Dan scurrying to the red phone to call a veterinarian for some expert advice. Why does … Read More »

Abbi and Ilana from BROAD CITY.

Aw sheeeeeeee, guys. It’s Abbi and Ilana from BROAD CITY. Dan and the gals talk about period sex, pegging, smoking weed, beards and bumpkins among other things. You’ll also hear some inside dirt about their process in making Broad City and their plans for the future. These two are twin forces of nature and you … Read More »

All Hail Cameron Esposito!

At the top of the show, Dan speaks with a clever lass with a foolproof plan to ensure the defeat of Canada’s dreadful Stephen Harper. A man is very close to an old childhood friend. Although they have always had a platonic relationship, his girlfriend of 6 months is beginning to freak out. If he … Read More »


Dan has some helpful suggestions for the NRA! A woman saw a man exposing himself outside a family-friendly restaurant. She called the cops. Was this wrong? In order to prove that his girlfriend doesn’t put out as much as he would like, a man documents their sex life on an app. The girlfriend finds this … Read More »

Welcome to 2013 where the sexual landscape is just as freaky as 2012.

Welcome to 2013 where the sexual landscape seems just as freaky as it did in 2012. Highlights from todays show: a woman dating a closet asexual, a daughter who realizes that both she and her mother are subs, a man whose boyfriend rejects him because he isn’t hairy enough, and a man who literally gets … Read More »

Apparently, there is someone more qualified to answer your filthy questions…

Apparently, there is someone more qualified to answer your filthy questions than Dan Savage. The identity of Dan’s replacement may shock you… A man’s buddy is accused of sexual assault by an acquaintance. The caller is dubious, but pretends to believe her. Should he confront her or lie in order to protect his friend? Is … Read More »

It’s the fairy dust show! Can Dan Savage reach into his man-purse, pull out…

It’s the fairy dust show! Can Dan Savage reach into his man-purse, pull out a handful of pink fairy dust, sprinkle it all over your sexual problems, and cure you of whatever ails you? No he cannot. 206-201-2720 Today’s episode is brought to you by AdamandEve.com. Get 50 percent off almost any item when you … Read More »