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Second Opinion with Mallory Ortberg.

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In two separate calls, straight men are harassed by their gay male friends. One caller had his buddy drunkenly grope him. The other’s pal assails him with aggressive sexual innuendo. Knock it off fellas! A married woman has a husband who doesn’t trust her. She comes home late from her bar job and he assumes she’s cheating on him. She’s never been unfaithful. How can she turn this ship around? On the Magnum, Dan gets a Second Opinion from Mallory Ortberg, Slate’s delightful, new “Dear Prudie” advice columnist. Dan throws Mallory in the deep end with a call from a woman whose 60 year-old housesitter might have riffled through her sex toy drawer, and concludes with a call from the brother of a child rapist. Welcome to the advice business, Mallory! 206-302-2064


Mallory Ortberg