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A “What You Got/” on STI rates among the non-monogamous.

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A woman has started “living her passion” by working as a webcam girl. But she’s nervous about telling her mother about her new career. How can she break the news? A woman fulfilled a lifelong fantasy of having a super-hot threeway with two bi men. But now, she wants to escalate the situation and get with some gay men. How can she troll for homos while still respecting their boundaries? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Dr. Justin Lehmiller for a “What You Got?” about lower STI rates among the non-monogamous. Who’d a thunk it? Dan also chats with Robby Soeve from Reason.com about the hideous phenomenon of police persecuting kids who send sexts to each other. Doesn’t it just make you SO MAD? Happy New Year! 206-302-2064


Robby Soeve