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Dr. Debby Herbenick on ANXIETY ORGASMS.

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A straight man has begun a relationship with a transwoman. To put his question bluntly, is he obligated to suck her dick? How on earth is a nice gay man supposed to deal with his father when dad has sworn to vote for Donald Trump? A woman is horrified to see boudoir paintings of her boyfriend’s ex staring at her from the walls. Does she have the right to ask him to take them down? On the Magnum, a woman gets turned on when she experiences anxiety. She even had a couple orgasms in the airport when she missed her flight. Dr. Debby Herbenick chats with Dan about this phenomenon and how to harness such a dark power. 206-302-2064 Hey, are you still reading this? We are putting together a special sex toys episode with lots of experts. If you have a question relating to dildos, restraints, vibrators and the like, NOW IS THE TIME TO CALL. Like right now.


Dr. Debby Herbenick