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John Moe’s Hilarious World of Depression.

Hand-wringing women, am I right? First we have a lady who feels guilty about masturbating at night when her partner is snoring next to her. And another woman feels guilty about “objectifying” her new cross-dressing boyfriend. Is it wrong to be attracted to him in his female garb? On the Magnum version of the show, … Read More »

Decriminalize Sex Work!

A man often yawns soon after coming. He has to convince his partners that he’s not bored. A dutiful father worries that when he drops his used come-rag in the laundry along with his kids’ clothes that his sperm is getting spread around the innocent garments. “Does the come actually exit the washing machine?” asks … Read More »

Minda Honey

A straight man is into pre-op transwomen in an odd way. He wants nothing to do with their penises, but just likes knowing they’re there. In another penis obsessed call, a man with big ‘un is dismayed when a lady fails to swoon at the sight of his flaccid dong. Doesn’t she know about showers … Read More »

Poly Life with Cunning Minx

A man’s girlfriend moved to NYC to become a ballerina. But instead she’s been boozing and eating food! Is it his place to tell her that ballerinas don’t actually, you know, eat? A transwoman has moved heaven and earth to get herself through college, despite her parents cutting her off. But then! Her school sent … Read More »

Dr. Debby Herbenick on ANXIETY ORGASMS.

A straight man has begun a relationship with a transwoman. To put his question bluntly, is he obligated to suck her dick? How on earth is a nice gay man supposed to deal with his father when dad has sworn to vote for Donald Trump? A woman is horrified to see boudoir paintings of her … Read More »