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Parenting Horror Stories

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A man has been with his boyfriend for 1.5 years. The caller’s family is loving and welcoming to the boyfriend. But the boyfriend’s family won’t accept his homosexuality and won’t allow the caller to join them at Thanksgiving etc. How long must our caller wait for his boyfriend to grow a pair, and tell his family to piss off already? Next up, we’ll just share the title of this call: “Take Your Chances at the All-Girl Orgy?” NOW you’re gonna listen aren’t you? On the Magnum, Dan chats with the hosts of One Bad Mother, a delightful parenting podcast, about some gnarly situations parents find themselves in. And, a woman is excited to start having three-ways with her boyfriend. EXCEPT. He’s a terrible lover, and the caller worries his lack of skill will queer the deal. 206-302-2064