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Dr. Lori Brotto on asexuality

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Welcome to the Savage Lovecast where we are ready to fight like hell to take our country back. Are you? Apparently, Trump-voting family members are a thing. Should you spend your holidays with these people? Dan’s answer will not shock you. A divorced man has started dating a new woman. When he was married he got caught seeing a sex-worker and it became a public scandal. When should he tell his new love about his past? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Dr. Lori Brotto in a “What You Got?” about asexuality. A straight man starts shaking uncontrollably whenever he is about to have sex, and it ruins everything. How can he get over this? A man was together with his wife for 13 years. Then she left him for a woman….a rich woman. So did she leave him for the scratch or the snatch?


Dr. Lori Brotto