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The Sex Robots are Coming!!!

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Here’s a happily married couple. He digs exhibitionism, which she indulged after taking a deep breath. She wants to try BDSM, but he isn’t having it. Is it her right to demand it, and what’s his god damn problem? A married woman likes to be fashionable and step out looking GOOD. But guess what! Her husband, wishes she would wear jeans and a grubby tee so all the men will stop looking at her. Dan wants to help her pick out a smart outfit for divorce court. On the Magnum, make way for the robots! Google’s (human- we assume) head of machine intelligence, Blaise Agüera y Arcas, talks about the inevitable arrival of sex robots, along with the ethical challenges we’ll all face. Hello Westworld! And, a woman with a boyfriend of one year, wonders if he’ll present her with a ring during their upcoming trip to Paris. Oh! Oh, how she hopes he will!


Blaise Agüera y Arcas