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Sex Toy Review: Silver Bullet!

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“Boyfriend, boyfriend, there’s a lump in your testicle!” Should the caller deliver this news bluntly or keep her discovery to herself? A mother’s 9-year old son wants to be a stripper when he grows up. How can this mom advise him and keep her cool? Erika Moen from Oh Joy Sex Toy is on for our monthly Sex Toy Review to talk about a whizzy little toy that will make you happy, and won’t bankrupt you in the process. Her boyfriend’s uncle just served Hamburger Helper. It’s the first time she’s met the man. Should she politely decline, or choke it down and smile wanly? Dan has some strategies. Oh. And click here. www.impeachthemotherfuckeralready.com Or here! 206-302-2064


Erika Moen