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Marc Andreyko from Love is Love.

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Gather round, Lovecast listeners. Hear the tale of the pansexual housecleaner and the nasty surprise. Can a giant penis instigate menstrual bleeding? Is there anything a giant penis can’t do? Ob/gyn and activist Leah Torres, is here to answer. On the Magnum, Dan speaks with Marc Andreyko, creator of Love is Love: the beautiful, heart-rending compilation of comics commemorating the Pulse shootings. If you haven’t yet gotten a copy, please do. Dan and Marc chat about the horror of that event as well as the immediate surge of support he encountered in making this important work. And, a grown man’s mommy and daddy won’t let him share a bed with his girlfriend at the hotel they are paying for. Solutions? 206-302-2064


Marc Andreyko