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Michael Hobbes on gay, middle-aged dating.

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Wait. Are public orgasms ok now? A man and his girlfriend observed a woman having one, right there, out on the street, in broad daylight. A gay man broke one of his rules. His boyfriend is still closeted to his family, and when they come to town, the caller has to clear out. Can this work? Does he have to break up? On the Magnum, Dan chats with author and editor Michael Hobbes about the particular challenges middle-aged gay men face in dating. Finally… “Hey there, old friend who I used to know in high school! I’m back in town, and thought we could meet and reconnect, in some sort of low-key way, like maybe you could come with me to get my nipple pierced! What do you mean your girlfriend doesn’t like this idea?” 206-302-2064


Michael Hobbes