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Poly, poly, poly! with Cunning Minx.

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“Dear Dan. What is up with cock rings?” Dan is all too delighted to answer. A married woman is in an open relationship, and hooks up with a friend of theirs. This “lover” doesn’t make her come. Rather, after her insufficient sessions with him, she returns home to her husband who gets the job done. Should she tell the lover that he is inadequate when it feeds such a hot dynamic with her husband? On the Magnum, welcome to Poly Town! The wonderful Cunning Minx, host of the Poly Weekly podcast, is on to answer a couple head scratchers. How do you merge families? Get one giant house? What about kids? Also, how to do poly real, real wrong. Finally, a woman newly broken up with her boyfriend discovers that he’s been looking at YouTube videos with titles like “How to win back your stubborn girlfriend.” Should she cut cut him out of her life a little bit, or a lot? What do you think?


Cunning Minx