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Mistress Matisse on the dreadful SESTA/FOSTA bill.

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The kindly mother of a 12 year-old boy wonders if she should discreetly leave some lube by his bed as he learns to love him himself fully. A woman is horrified to discover that her hook-up doesn’t have sheets on the bed. “The bed is no good,” she laments. Should she see him again? Is there a fix here? Dan and the mighty Mistress Matisse revisit the horrifying SESTA/FOSTA bill snaking its way into law. This bill will be devastating to sex workers and the internet in general. Please follow #LetUsSurvive onTwitter and learn about this latest nasty piece of legislation. In much happier news, a caller who formerly suffered from Death Grip Syndrome, has made a full recovery, thanks to Dan’s proven therapy program.


Mistress Matisse