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Mom! I told you NOT to go through my backpack!

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Mom discovered a portable pussy sex toy in her teenaged son’s backpack. Are you a mother? Do you plan to be one someday? What will you do when you discover a portable pussy in your teenaged son’s backpack? A man and his girlfriend see each other every few months. And when they do, hoo boy! They have sex every few hours. By the end of their time together she feels sore. Right? She wants to try pegging him so he can understand what it’s like to be penetrated so frequently. He wonders if this is even analogous. Dan brings a bit of clarity to this fraught situation. And, oh my god speaking of fraught! A father asked his daughter to lie to mom about the earring in the hot tub and say it was hers, when it WASN’T. At first the daughter agreed to lie for her dad, but then wisely changed her mind. Now what? And, on the Magnum, Dan chats with Slate writer Evan Urquhart- a trans guy who covers LGBTQ issues about dating trans folk.


Evan Urquhart