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A poly deep dive…

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A liberal, PC, feminist, woke man loves to humiliate, slap and call women sluts in the bedroom. (Always consensually.) How can he reconcile the two opposing sides of his personality? A woman and her husband have befriended another family in their new town. The couple revealed that the man is a transman, and that she should ask any questions she wants to. But the caller clammed up and didn’t ask. Is it too late to ask about them? How can she learn about the trans experience without offending? In a heavy call, a man relays the tale of how he shoved his girlfriend in a jealous rage. Now that the relationship is over, he wants to make sure he never does anything like that again. How can he keep himself from being “that guy?” On the Magnum: Ready for a polyamory deep dive? Dan interviews Sophie Lucido Johnson, author of Many Love: A Memoir of Polyamory and Finding Love(s).


Sophie Lucindo Johnson