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Just like bunnies!

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We start this week’s adventure with a couple who have a secret unicorn at their beck and call. The wife in the couple doesn’t want anyone to know. But the unicorn lass has already told some friends and wants to be more open about the relationship. Who will win this one? A 27 year-old woman has a distant relationship with her father. He is 64. Guess how old his new girlfriend is. You’re right! Same age as the caller! Now, whenever they chat, he puts her on speaker-phone if the new girlfriend is there. Why? What is going on here? On the Magnum, have you heard the expression “fucking like bunnies?” You have? Well naturally, Dan brings on rabbit experts Thea & Nadine from the “Rabbit Droppings” advice column to thoroughly explore the connections between human sexuality, and that of our cuddly, lagomorph cousins. Finally, a visiting father is freaked out and pissed because he looked in his daughter’s closet and found…a spanking bench.


Thea & Nadine