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Are Sugar Babies Sex Workers?

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A married couple’s teen daughter gets super-irritated when her parents have noisy sex. She sends them snarky texts imploring them to stop. Maybe she includes an eye-rolling emoji or a throwing-up kitten or some such teenaged thing. The dad in this couple doesn’t want to “break her.” What does Dan Savage have to say? Our guest this week, (on the Micro! You’re welcome!) is Brook Urick of Seeking.com- a site where sugar babies can meet their ideal sugar daddy. Hooray! But is this relationship by nature commodified? Is it sex work? Dan and Brook don’t see eye to eye on this one. On the Magnum, an out bi guy keeps getting rejected by women once they learn he’s bi. Are there any women out there who can handle it? And, a ridiculous sitcom comes to life, when a woman AND HER FRIEND have both set up dates WITH THE SAME GUY.


Brook Urick