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Drinking in Moderation?!

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Here in Seattle, we have a sportsball team called “The Sounders.” On the Savage Lovecast, well, it’s another matter altogether. Oh look! It’s Nancy, putting the men who fear/refuse vasectomies on blast. Dan’s on your side, fellas. Nancy is not. On the Magnum, a caller has hit rock bottom and quit drinking. But he wonders if he can ever have a single beer again. Is it possible to drink in moderation if you’re an alcoholic? Dan brings on clinical psychologist (and co-founder of CheckUp & Choices) Dr. Reid Hester to puzzle this one out. And, a heartbreaking, kind-of terrible call from a woman whose son has been convicted of sexual assault discovers “ravishment porn” on her boyfriend’s computer. Oh, it is all just such a mess. We have it on good authority that you too, are a mess. 206-302-2064


Dr. Reid Hester