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How evangelical Christianity harms women. With author Linda Kay Klein.

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We have a word for a woman who sleeps with a straight couple. That’s a unicorn, of course. But what should we call a man who provides the same service? Cuz we have a male caller who is totally down. A woman has reconnected with an old high school chum. The friend immediately asked the caller to be the bridesmaid at her upcoming wedding. The caller said yes, only to learn that the groom-to-be is a Trump-supporting, racist jackass. Should she bail on her sacred duty? On the Magnum version of the show, Dan chats with Author Linda Kay Klein about her book “Pure: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Young Women.” The title says it all right? A woman has a great relationship with her boyfriend. But there’s one problem. He does financial domination for gay men. She is uncomfortable with this, but really appreciates the cash that comes rolling in to their home. How would you advise her? And with that…Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Linda Kay Klein