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Hemorrhoids for Christmas.

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Gather round the Lovecast Christmas tree children, and see what audio gifts we have for you! Why, here’s a question from a power bottom who pees when he gets fucked! And look! A woman’s boyfriend won’t use sex toys on her if they’ve been used before. Should she ask Santa to get her some brand new, still-in-the-box butt plugs? And, oh good heavens, Dan’s friend Philip has some advice for a woman with hemorrhoids. He likens them to “a heart attack in your ass.” On the Magnum version, which you should give as a gift because it is the Season of Giving,™ Alexander Cheves, writer for the Advocate and Out Magazine explains the disaster of Tumblr banning porn on its site. May your CandleNights be ever-bright. 206-302-2064


Alexander Cheves