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Doggity Style!

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Dear Australia, Hi! This is the Savage Lovecast. Listen. Do you guys refer to the very common sexual position where a man enters a woman from behind while she is on all fours as …”Doggity Style?” No? We didn’t think so. (Both Dan and Nancy are gobsmacked by this call.) A man’s friend has been accused of sexual assault from when they were both in a pseudo-Christian cult. The caller believes the women, but also wants to support his friend and help him to become a better person. How? Strap-ons…for MEN??!! Well, sure! So says Erika Moen, our resident sex toy expert, and co-author of a new sex ed book called Drawn to Sex: the Basics. And, on the Magnum version, does enjoyment of spicy food correlate to being a sub? Oh, for Christ’s sake. 206-302-2064


Erika Moen