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The Pain! The Pain!

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A woman has been dating a man for 4 months. She just read on his public blog that he thinks he isn’t clicking with her. Should she admit she read his blog? Why would he write such a thing? A gay man encountered a willing slave in the bathroom at an orgy. (As one does.) It turns out this slave wants to be in a 24/7 slave/master relationship. He is also closeted, and politically conservative. Sooooo….is his masochism born out of self-hatred? How can (or should) the caller help this twisted soul? On the Magnum, Dan chats with a sex researcher who recently published a paper on how pain is transmogrified into pleasure within the context of BDSM. It’s where science meets magic! And, a drunky lady is sick of her drunky boyfriend wetting the bed when he gets drunk. What could the solution possibly be? 206-302-2064


Cara Dunkley