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Summer sex toys! With Erika Moen.

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A reasonable woman is about to visit her over-the-top Christian family. Her sister has invited her to join a book club when she’s there. Guess what the book is! Should the caller sit through her sister’s stealth Bible study, or find a way to politely decline? Or perhaps there’s yet another way… A man used to be the cartoon editor for his college newspaper. This was before he got woke, and he is now mortified to recall some nasty anti-gay comics that he published. Should he apologize? Submit new cartoons reflecting his newly enlightened views? Speaking of comics, Dan brings on the ever-delightful comic artist Erika Moen (co-creator of “Oh Joy Sex Toy”) to discuss hot summer sex toys. And, on the Magnum, a man recalls how his ex-girlfriend had an abortion. He was there to help her the whole time, and it effected them both. Now that time has passed and he has a wife and kids, how should he talk about the experience, without betraying his ex-girlfriend’s experience? 206-302-2064


Erika Moen