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Hail Satan! With Satanic Temple founder Lucien Greaves.

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A woman is tormented that her partner of 7 years has not learned how to pee without spraying the area. Dan’s response is both charitable and practical. A 70 year-old man is in an open relationship with his wife. He is communicating with a 30 year-old woman online who lives out of town. How can he verify her identity without offending her? Also, he doesn’t want to take advantage of her. But who will be taking advantage of whom? Now. Did you notice the episode number? On the Magnum, Dan interviews Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple about the work they’re doing to challenge our nation’s shift toward a Christian theocracy. Dan and Lucien also handle a wedding etiquette question, assuring us that in Satanic weddings no gift is required. Lucien Greaves is one of our all-time favorite interviews and if you haven’t yet sampled the Magnum version of the show- this is the one to try. Also, Dan counsels a woman who married the man she met at Burning Man. The problem? He doesn’t like to fuck. Wut? 206-302-2064 Check out the “Hail Satan?” documentary here.