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Meet the woman who read ALL of Dan’s columns since 1991.

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A man went on a date and he felt fireworks. But later that she told him that wasn’t feeling it, but wants to be friends. He doesn’t need friends. He already has friends. Should he bother? This question is pretty simple. Her new lover has a gargantuan penis that is shaped like a sweet potato. How on earth is she supposed to accommodate him? On the Magnum version of the show, meet the woman who read every single one of Dan’s newspaper columns since he started writing them in 1991. You could say she is a sex expert expert. She has some wisdom to share. And, a kinkster living in a repressed Asian country has a masochistic friend who asked him to arrange a very dangerous scene for her. How can he set this up and also keep her safe? OH, the Danger! 206-302-2064 voicemail@savagelovecast.com


Kathryn from Missouri