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Shy lady doms rise up! With Midori.

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A man is getting re-married. Is it shoddy to use the same officiant as his first wedding? Dan talks to a woman who had a blurry encounter with another woman as a very sexually repressed Christian school. Her lover called it rape the next day. It’s been ten years, and in this #MeToo era, the caller wonders if she should find the woman and apologize. On the Magnum, a biseuxal woman wonders how she can reconcile being shy and also explore her sexually dominant side. Dan brings the wonderful Midori, wholeads the ForteFemme Women’s Dominance Intensive. She knows her stuff, and will surely help churn out an army of joyfully dominant women. Also, Dan issues a tutorial on how to talk dirty without being vulgar. Ok Miss Manners…206-302-2064