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Michael Hobbes on Human Trafficking Hysteria

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Why, oh why (bemoans this woman,) is it that the indie, cool, female-owned sex stores never carry dildos that are big enough for her? WHY?! A gay man has been invited to be the man of honor at his sister’s wedding. But you know what’s weird? The sister is marrying a racist, anti-gay creep who has convinced her that the caller (and all gay people) are degenerates. So. Should our caller carry out his man of honor duties nonetheless? On the Magnum version of the show, Dan chats with Michael Hobbes, co-host of the “You’re Wrong About” podcast, about the misinformation swirling around the concept of human trafficking. And a 20 year-old woman is dating an older man. He wants to have kids one day. She is nowhere near considering such a thing. But when they have sex, she gets turned on by talking about getting knocked up. Is it unethical to engage in pregnancy dirty talk with a man who wants to be a dad?


Michael Hobbes