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Hypnokink! With Michal Daveed.

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A happily single woman finally broke down after pressure from her friend to have some sex. Against her misgivings, he convinced her to pursue a relationship, promising that if it didn’t work out, they could go back to being friends, easy-peasy. Guess what! Now that she wants to break it off, he can’t deal with being just friends AND they are starting a business together. Please take heed to this cautionary tale. A pregnant woman can’t stand the consistency of her husband’s thick, slimy spit. If he drinks more water, will it change? Can she demand he do so? On the Magnum, Dan speaks with writer Michal Daveed about hypno-kink. You know, erotic hypnosis? She explains how god damn sexy it can be, and dispels some myths too. And, hear a most UNwholesome tale about what goes down under the mistletoe. Seriously, that whole mistletoe thing has always been a recipe for disaster, don’t you think? 206-302-2064 voicemail@savagelovecast.com


Michal Daveed