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Paging Dr. Bummer…

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This week, Dan’s guest is epidemiologist Daniel Westreich, who spells out the concept of physical distancing, and why sexual intimacy is going to be pretty difficult to attain for many of us. Some of the conversation is on the Micro, and all of it is on the Magnum. A man asks if virtual reality porn makes sense to help “spice up your sex life.” Why yes, it makes A LOT of sense right now. A woman who is engaged to be married to her boyfriend has a female friend. This friend made a drunken, predatory pass at her. Can/should she forgive and try to salvage the friendship? And, saddle up for this weird ride: A man is married to his wife. Cool, cool. They have an open relationship. No prob. She has a boyfriend. Nice. She lives with her boyfriend. Ok? He is not allowed to seek outside partners. Wait- what? Also, his wife’s boyfriend forbids her from having sex with the caller, her husband. Soooooo. The caller needs a little chat from Dan Savage. Ring ring!


Dr. Daniel Westreich