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Will You Be My Quarantine?

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Here at Savage Lovecast world headquarters, in the heart of the epicenter of the Big Sick, we are keeping calm and carrying on, baby! Dan chats with Dr. Jen Gunter, who had to practice social distancing for ONE YEAR, so quit griping. She offers some strategies for how to deal with your new isolation. And, Dr.Debby Herbenick explains that although the corona virus is not sexually transmitted, you still can’t just be mashing with anyone safely these days. Uh doy! Hear the tale of Maya, stuck in Spain and wondering if her relationship is mature enough to endure the rigors of quarantine. And, taking a breather, (as it were) from all this virus talk, Dan speaks with Brian Earp, author of Love Drugs: The Chemical Future of Relationships. The tech-savvy at-risk youth are poised to accept this chemical future. And people! DO NOT PET NANCY’S CAT!


Brian Earp