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OK Boomer…

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A man’s new boyfriend is really great in every way! Except…he believes in mythical creatures, thinks he has super-powers and that the government is communicating with him through the radio. So, should the caller leave his mentally ill new boyfriend or try to get him some help? Meanwhile, a woman’s sister has started dating a “professional” astrologer who had gotten kicked out of the marines, believes in conspiracy theories and wants to move to Mexico with the caller’s sister after dating for just a few months. How can the caller help her stubborn sister see all those red flags a’flappin’? On the Magnum, It’s a generational battle royale! Dan chats with Jill Filipovic author of “Ok Boomer, Let’s Talk” in a Millennial vs Boomer sex-advice smack down! (Just kidding. They agree on pretty much everything.) Filipovic’s book goes into the ways the younger generations have been shafted by the olds. Time to seize power, youngun’s! A bi man’s boyfriend is being driven crazy by his new neighbor. She has noisy sex at all hours, disrupting the boyfriend’s sleep and work life. Should they have ear-piercing retaliatory sex to teach her a lesson?


Jill Filipovic