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With Dr. Jen Gunter of the Vagina Bible

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A woman has had a LOT of sex, mostly with men. But she is realizing that she is truly only attracted to women. The problem is, when she talks to a hot woman, she starts stuttering and stammering in terror. How can she grow to be comfortable in her true skin? A man’s girlfriend fantasizes that she’s a gay man when they have sex. Does this mean she’s trans? She insists she’s all woman, but the caller is worried, worried, worried. On the Magnum, a deep dive onto vaginas (yup!) with Dr. Jen Gunter, author of the Vagina Bible. She and Dan discuss tipped uteruses, HATING your boyfriend but just before your period, and a rare ear-labia connection. Vaginas are weird and great! And, how can one make one’s bed most comfortable for three? 206-302-2064 voicemail@savagelovecast.com


Dr. Jen Gunter