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Is polyamory still cancelled?

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Some rando started following a woman on Insta. He confessed that he jerks off to her yoga photos. She told him she would have to charge him a fee for this. He agreed. The question is… how much? A woman Googled her dad. What did she find? She found videos of women in bathing suits. If you Googled her dad, you would see this. Should she tell her dad? Good lord, how? On the Magnum, let’s talk about anal prolapse, shall we? Because it’s so sexy! Tristan Taormino, author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, talks about ways to mitigate this common problem. She and Dan also revisit the question of whether polyamory is cancelled in the time of Covid-19. And, when you think your mom is cool with you being gay, but then re-posts some Trumpy nonsense, should you try to educate her?


Tristan Taormino