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Those naughty ancient Greeks.

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A mother in Central America is worried that her son is being a little too risky when he walks home from the beach in women’s clothing. When she confronts him about this, he calls her a transphobic, homophobic boomer. Teens! Am I right? A woman is afraid that her boyfriend will cheat on her. And yet, she fantasizes that her boyfriend is cheating on her. How can she preserve her self-esteem while indulging her cuckqueen instincts? On the Magnum, it turns out the ancient Greeks were wrong about cunnilingus! Dan interviews Mark Haskell Smith author of “Rude Talk in Athens” which explores how comedians in ancient Athens brawled with each other. One of the worst insults was to accuse another of going down on a lady. Silly ancient Greeks. And, are the terms “tops” and “bottoms” only for the gays? And can straight polyamorous people march in the pride parade?


Mark Haskell Smith