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It’s Cuck Week! It’s Cuck Week!

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That’s right, all of you who enjoy watching your partners sleep with others now are officially celebrated ALL WEEK LONG. And here at the Savage Lovecast, we’re delighted to take part. 

Venus Cuckoldress is on to talk about her podcast, and to advise a woman about her plan to have a gang bang on her wedding night. And there’s more on the big ole Magnum version of the show. 

Then, also on the Magnum, Dan chats with David Ley, who literally wrote the book on cuckolding- Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them.” He and Rose Caraway (who narrates the audiobook, and came up with the idea for Cuck Week ) are on to talk about what a relief it is to finally have the practice of cuckolding out in the open. But do we need just a little bit of shame to enhance that erotic charge? They discuss. 

And now. What is the next sexual practice to get its own week-long celebration? 


Dr David Ley Venus Rose Caraway



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