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With the mischievous Zach Noe Towers.

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Oh no, it’s a three-way gone bad! A woman and her fiancé agreed to sleep with their friend. She set her very clear boundaries, and guess what? He and the gal broke them all in a triumph of cruelty and inconsideration. Now what? They have been together for 12 years. Can you imagine?

A poly woman with a chronic medical condition has been attracted to a good friend for a while. The sexual tension is building…but she found out that not only is he unvaccinated, but he never intends to get the vaccine, indeed has never received a vaccine of any kind due to his religious beliefs. But he is scorching hot! Dan enlists the help of the good doctor Stacy De-Lin to wag her professional finger at this reckless, selfish, deluded, unethical (but very foxy) wacko. 

On the Magnum, we are delighted to bring on comedian Zach Noe Towers (Dating #NoFilter, and Dear White People.) They advise a puzzled lesbian about the top/bottom dichotomy among gay men, and discuss the complication that having herpes can bring to your group sex exploits. Could this conversation be any gayer? No, it could not. And we guarantee you will know Dan Savage a little better after you listen to this interview. 

And, in another boundary-breaking bonanza, a woman is lucky enough to hook up with a long-haired man. But he warned her that due to trauma involving his mother, she MUSN’T TOUCH HIS HAIR. Guess what she did…twice! Now, he’s ghosted her and she wonders if it’s such a crime to touch a hottie’s lovely locks.

Don’t touch the hair. 

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