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With “Scream Queen” Kate Siegel.

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A woman just broke up with her boyfriend (for unknown reasons). He used to shower her with praise. “You could be a fashion model!!” Now that he’s gone, how can she find another man to who will heap her with the praise she needs and craves? 

On the Magnum, Dan keeps Halloween holy by inviting scream queen Kate Siegel (The Haunting of Hill House, Ouija: Origin of Evil, Midnight Mass etc.) to discuss relationship drama, and when to back off already. These two are like a couple of giggling sisters with a bowl of popcorn. Also, find out what Dan does every year at his house on Halloween. 

Dan chats with a gay man whose partner has unilaterally turned off the sex spigot. The boyfriend compares his disinterest in sex with the caller’s disinterest in discussing philosophy. Can this relationship survive?

When doctors go wild: She used to be a straight-laced proper lady doctor. She was engaged to a man, and a virgin at that. Then she met the caller, started dating her, and is now dabbles in drugs and tattoos. But the question here folks, is how can the caller bust her former doctor’s very intact hymen. 


Kate Siegel



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