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With Elisa Wells from PlanCPills.org

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A married woman is pregnant with her second child. Over the years she has become more and more interested in kink and rough sex. But her husband feels pressure to be more dominant. Will she go back to preferring vanilla sex once the pregnancy hormones are gone? Why does she suddenly feel this way? 

A gay man uses numbing cream to counter his premature ejaculation. When he’s topping during anal sex, is he ethically obliged to disclose this? 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with Elisa Wells from PlanCPills.org to talk about the accessibility of medical abortion. The pills that end an unwanted pregnancy are safer than viagra. Wells and her team are working to make sure every woman in America has access to this medication. 

A woman’s new boyfriend is into scat. He wants to watch her on the toilet. The woman is considering indulging him but wants to understand this fetish better. And is there a sexy way to poop? 


Elisa Wells



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