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With Samantha Cole on Sex and the Internet.

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A woman remembers with shame how she reacted when her then-boyfriend came out to her as bisexual. She hasn’t talked to him in 9 years and wants to apologize. Should she? How? 

For you sci-fi pervs, what happens to the “eggs” that get deposited with an ovipositor dildo? 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with Samantha Cole, senior editor for Vice Media, about her new book “How Sex Changed The Internet And The Internet Changed Sex.” They discuss ancient history of the internet, how furries built the web, Fosta/Sesta and a ton more. 

And, a trans man got herpes from a pre-transition hook-up. Now when he discloses his herpes status first thing on Grindr, men reject him. But when he puts it at the end of his profile, they get mad. Should he disclose at all? 

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