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“Ask a Sub’s” Lina Dune on social media censorship.

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A man wants to partake in some orgies with his girlfriend. But he loses his erection when there are other men in the room. How can he teach his boner to come out and play? 

Meanwhile, a man in a 6-year relationship hasn’t had sex in the past 3 years because his girlfriend just doesn’t wanna anymore. They’ve talked and talked and talked. Is it worth going to couple counseling to try to work it out? 

On the Magnum, how can you turn your vanilla man into a dom? Naturally, Dan brings in the ultimate expert- Lina Dune from “Ask a Sub.” They talk about topping from the bottom, bottoming from the top and the social media censorship that is wrecking good sex education. 

A woman was driving, minding her own business, when she saw the driver next to her had his laptop facing OUT, showing porn. Is this the new flasher style? Should she have called the cops?


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