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A very poly Valentine’s Day with Diana Adams

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A woman has been with her boyfriend for 4 years. He is so wonderful! But…he doesn’t bother to give her orgasms. He has all the orgasms! As many as he wants. Orgasm, orgasm, orgasm. He won’t do anything to get her there. Has she talked to him about this? Yes! She has! He doesn’t care. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the reason you listen to the show. A man ordered a butt plug, but it arrived broken in two pieces. The question? What kind of glue should he use to fuse it back together?

On the Magnum, Dan chats with Diana Adams: international legal advocate for LGBTQ+, non-nuclear, & polyamorous families. Diana goes over some of the issues in setting up different family structures for queer and poly folks. It’s a brave new world, and Diana is here to guide us through it. 

And, a woman is disenchanted with hook-up culture. She wants sexual intimacy, but no penetration. She is also interested in BDSM. But she has a hard time saying no to men when they pester her for sex. How can she find the right man to thread her needle?

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