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Jinkx Monsoon has a message for straight allies.

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For the stout of heart, if you dare, hear the tale of shibari bondage gone wrong.  

A woman had a nice date with a man she suspects is very short. Then he kind of ghosted her. Should she tell him that she doesn’t care about his height? 

Drag mega-star Jinkx Monsoon joins Dan in a righteous rant against red state politicians’ cynical attacks on drag performance and trans people. And they call out the silence from high profile “straight allies” who have been profiting off drag for years. Some of this fiery conversation is on the Micro and all of it is on the Magnum. 

Finally, more than a few of you will smugly smile when you hear about the cheating man, who dates a cheating woman and they are each mad at each other about all the cheating.


Jinkx Monsoon



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