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Butt talk ahoy! With Dr. Evan Goldstein.

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A woman masturbates in her sleep. Although she’s currently single, she worries about times when she has to share a room with family or friends. Should she warn them? 

A woman’s sister plans to gallivant off to Texas to meet an online lover for the first time, on his rural cattle ranch, for some no-strings-attached BDSM sex. What could go wrong? The caller plans to slip an air tag in her luggage, and hope for the best. 

On the Magnum, Dan brings back anal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein. In his practice at Bespoke Surgical, he sees it all: Fistulas. Glands. Fissures. And now you get to hear all about it! Too many doctors dismiss medical problems associated with anal sex, so Dan and the good doctor discuss ways to validate anal health practices. He and Dan both frown on numbing lubes. And the debate is on: spit or lube? 

A man has been married for 20 years. Both he and his wife are bi, but she is no longer interested in sex with him. She has a girlfriend, he has a boyfriend. She has suggested he move in to his boyfriend’s house and that her girlfriend moves in to their house. Can their marriage survive this? 

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