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With Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock

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A couple with adult children wants to start using apps together. The kids know their mom is bi, but they don’t know about the open relationship. What happens if their kid sees them on one of the apps? 

Some people need sexy costumes for their scene. Some people need toys or bondage gear. This lady needs a large quantity of blood. 

On the Magnum, have you ever thought about how awkward it would be to have to act in a sex scene? Dan brings on Intimacy Coordinator Jessica Steinrock to explain her profession, how she ensures safety for the actors, and keeps the steamy sex scenes you love ethical. Is the TV/Film industry actually getting its shit together? Probably not! But this is a step in the right direction. 

And a lesbian wonders if her relationships always go down in flames because she is *too* understanding and non-judgmental. 

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