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Healing from Sexual Trauma with Dr. Leila Wood.

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A straight man detests condoms with all his heart. Even the thought of putting on one of those little rubbers makes him deflate like the ears on a 2-day-old balloon rabbit. Is this a fetish of some kind? It prevents him from having sex and it’s bumming him out. 

There seems to be a fair bit of confusion about silicone sex toys and lube. Can silicone lube harm silicone sex toys? Or do they love each other so much? Dan hops on the phone with Searah Deysach from Chicago’s Early to Bed sex toy store, to set the record straight. 

On the Magnum, things get heavy with a slew of questions concerning sexual abuse and trauma. Consider yourself trigger-warned. Dan brings on Dr. Leila Wood, a researcher and social worker at Austin’s Center for Sexual Violence Prevention. They talk about how to support a friend in an abusive relationship, the difficulty partners can have in playing the “villain” in erotic contexts and how kinky sex can be profoundly healing. 

Finally, why all the hate for Mother’s Day? Can’t we all just get along?


Searah Deysach Dr. Leila Wood



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