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Kinkstravaganza! Magnum Guest: Mollena Williams.

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Happy birthday America, damn you’re kinky!

This week’s show features a ton of calls by the kinky, those who love them, or those who are considering becoming them. Let’s dive in. 

A woman and her bestie are no longer speaking to each other. Why? Because she refuses to help change out the caller’s labia piercing jewelry. 

A switch woman (she can either be the dom or sub,) isn’t into humiliation. But all her partners assume she is or try to push her into it. How can she be clear about this simple hard no? 

On the Magnum, it’s Mollena a.k.a “the Perverted Negress” or “The Kink Doula.” She and Dan talk about how to get started with S&M gradually, how doms have feelings too, and the rookie mistake of assuming your sub is willing to be a 24/7 slave. Until you do some planning and negotiation, you don’t just get a free laundress. 

A woman lives in a community that has a lot of traumatized war veterans and refugees. She is into varsity level rough sex. She recently demanded that her lover hit her harder even though she already had a black eye. Is she some kind of monster?


Mollena Williams



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