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All About Dicks! With urologist Dr. Ashley Winter.

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Every day a certain number of people learn about sounding. Our first call is from one of these people and he has some questions. Are you next? Listen in. 

A woman with chronic illness and pain has a calm, pragmatic attitude about her condition. But how can she roll this out to new partners, and when? 

 On the Magnum, do you have a dick, or love someone who has one? Then this is the show for you! Dr. Ashley Winter, our urologist pal is on (with her newborn baby occasionally chiming in,) to answer some broken or ailing penis questions. Bent dicks, numb dicks, hard dicks, softs dicks- she’s seen them all. Did you know that doctors love penis pumps? They do! They’re good for you! You know what’s bad though? Putting your penis in a vacuum. Consider yourself warned. 

And, listen to Dan’s conversation with a man who has been enjoying a stable poly foursome for 5 years…until now.

PSA: No show next week. Nancy is on vacay! We’ll be roaring back on July 25.


Dr. Ashley Winter



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