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When the Fantasy Gets Too Dark. Magnum Guest: Darshita Goyal

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A woman is enjoying a new friends-with-benefits relationship. She booked them an airBnB, but he had to cancel because his mother had a stroke. Now she feels insecure about him. Should she keep reaching out to try to make the tryst happen? Or wait and give him space? Is he lying about his mother? 

A sub, masochist woman is into intense head-trips with her dom, online-only play partner. He went too far into violent story-telling until she had to end the session. He responded kindly and appropriately with after-care. But now she wonders if he’s a genuinely bad person. 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with culture & lifestyle writer Darshita Goyal about the Facebook group phenomenon “Are we dating the same guy?” Is this an empowering whisper network for women? Or an on-ramp to cyber-bullying? 

A woman and her boyfriend are in an open relationship where they are each allowed to have sex with other people, but sleepovers are verboten. He got together with a hottie and she ended up sleeping at his house because he didn’t have the heart to wake her up and send her packing. He violated their rules, but are the rules too harsh? 


Darshita Goyal



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