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Sex & Politics #27 with Tim Miller

A gay leftie and a homo conservative walk into a bar...

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On this episode of Sex & Politics, Dan Savage and Republican apostate Tim Miller, take a cold, hard look at this dreadful election cycle. As you may recall, Tim Miller was a communications director for the Jeb Bush 2016 presidential campaign, and subsequently, saw the light, and became an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. With the clarity of a convert, Miller began his career as a “Never Trumper.”
He and Dan talk about why Trump is still so dangerous, why he gets a pass amongst “his people” and some theories as to why Trump literally smells awful.

Nerd/wonk alert! Why does Dan Savage have a boner for windfall profit taxes? Listen to this conversation, and then you will know.

And, in what can only be interpreted as an act of belated revenge, Dan makes Tim answer one of the weirdest sex questions we’ve ever heard.


Tim Miller


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