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A tale of the co-ed locker room you’ll not soon forget.

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Season 16 approaches! The new season will start on October 22. Be sure to come back here then, to renew or or subscribe for the first time. A maligned man is stigmatized among his social circle for having herpes. A closeted bi woman wonders if she should stop slapping the asses of the rest of the ladies on her team in the showers. Rowwwrrrrr. A 20 year old lesbian has a great relationship…when they see each other. When they communicate online, they rip each other apart. On the Magnums, a happily childless woman is tormented by her relatives who ask her over and over, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE KIDS?” Is there a delicate way to suggest your boyfriend wear a smaller sized condom? Finally, hear the amazing dramatic reenactment of a man going pee. Because he really, really likes to go pee.